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We Use Merrit for Grub Control

The european chafer and the Japanese beetle are serious, non-native turf pets. The larvae (or grubs) of this insect feed on roots of many difference plants, but prefer the fibrous roots of turfgrasses. From fall to early spring, the presence of mature grubs in the turf may attract birds, skunks, racoons and other predators with sometimes devastating results as they tear up the lawn in search of these grubs. If grubs are spotted in the turf or mature beetles are found on the property, grub control may be needed.

We apply (broadcast spray in solution) beneficial nematodes at the right time of season for effective control of white grubs.

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic organisms that move through the soil in search of white grubs. Once a nematode has found and penetrated a grub through a body opening, it begins its' destructive work.


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